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Project Made New X Hands of Hope Uganda Campaign

Since the beginning of Project Made New, our direction has always been to help alleviate poverty. We strongly stand on this quote by Tommy Barnett:

Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.

Hence we have been donating 10-20% profits to non-profit organisations to fight hunger (Hunger Free America, Action Against Hunger USA, Feeding America, Rise Against Hunger). With the raise of COVID-19 situation, there's a increasing surge of hunger among the poorest.
Recently, we started giving financial aid to Hands of Hope Uganda. For this period,

50% of profit for all items sold will go to help them.

Due to the urgency for their case, we also started a fund raise campaign. This fund raise is to help an orphanage (Hands of Hope Uganda) in a village in Kamuli District Eastern Uganda (East Africa) in light of the COVID-19 situation. There are currently 27 orphans in the home (there were more as some left to their relatives/foster homes due to the situation.) Every amount of this fund raise goes to providing them for food, water, soap and sanitizers. It's around USD$27 to sustain 1 day for the 27 orphan children (USD$1 per children per day). Please support and donate while you can.

Current Situation:
In light of the COVID-19, Uganda is under lock down for 2 months, they are not able to work and the government is not providing them any assistance, the soldiers would beat them if they try to move out of the compound. The 27 orphans and the social worker are starving at home, while the social worker could only request for help through online but to no avail as this orphanage (Hands of Hope Uganda) doesn't have any official page. They have been starving and without any hope right now.
Your support will greatly help them to live through this situation.
We understand that many are feeling shorthanded this season but even a small amount of
$1 can support 1 children for 1 day.
Every dollar counts. 
To donate, click here.
To purchase, click here.
Thank you for making an impact!
God bless!

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